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We are a Wordpress Hack Repair Company

Repair your Hacked Website Swiftly with Orion7 Team

Are you frustrated because of your hacked WordPress site? Been wondering how to fix your hacked WordPress site? Don’t worry, just get in touch with us today and get your hacked WordPress website repaired in minimal downtime. We will fix your hacked sites and also prevent it from getting hacked again.

Our WordPress hack repair services include-

Website Copy Writing

Fast Recovery

Call us immediately and we will employ every technique at our disposal to clean your site and all resultant blacklist and SEO issues. We work to remove all the backdoors and lock the hackers out.

WordPress Support Services

Hack Prevention

It is stressful when your website is hacked, its costs time, money and looks amateurish, along with potentially trashing Google rankings. Hire us to put preventative measure in place.

Security & PCI Compliance

Prevent Brute Force Attacks

Brute Force attacks means repeated attempts to log into your site. We throttle and monitor failed login attempts and lock the doors on Brute Force attacks by blacklisting the repeated offenders.

Blacklist Removal

A hacked site may contain phishing software or malware and even relaying spam, thus it is seen as a potential danger to its visitors. If it is reported, site can be added to a blacklist, but need not worry we have a tricks to prevent this.

Malware Removal

Hacking a site can provide complete control to the hacker and it can be used to host malware. We boast a trained eye and specialized scanning software to find malware and clean it.

Keyword Research

Google Cleanup

Hacking can destroy your hard earn Google Rankings. Our dirty SEO cleanup services will set things right between Google and you and you can continue on your quest for world domination.

Thank you Orion7 team, we are extremely pleased with the new design and development of our website. The team is receptive to ideas and prompt in responding. Highly recommended!

Dan Watson Internet Marketing

Dan watson

Internet Marketing (American Bank)

I would highly recommend Orion7 to you. The team is quick to action, completed all the tasks on-time and responded to feedback positively.

Sam Roberts IM Chief

Sam Roberts

IM Chief (GSM)

Great job Orion7 Agency. The digital presence of our brand has improved drastically with their digital marketing techniques. They have been always responsive to my queries.

Ted Hoftin

Ted Hoftin


The company delivers the SEO results that they promise of and keep us in loop before implementing the things. We have got great suggestion on what should be focused next. Thank you guys!

Mike Marketing Chief American Express


Marketing Chief (American Express)

Hacked Website Repair Pricing

“This site may be hacked”- this notification from Google is highly infuriating for every webmaster. We offer you reasonable packages to secure your website from hacks.

Security Lockdown
One Time
Malware Cleanup
System File Protection
Basic Website Protection
Block Common Threats
Provide Security Checklist
30 Day Warranty
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Security Maintenance
Per Month w/ 6 Month Minimum
Daily Intrusion Monitoring
On Demand Security Advice
Emergency Hack Response
Discounted Hack Repair
Security Phone Support
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